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Let’s check your Pulse

Let’s check your Pulse

At Platinum, genuine care goes far beyond service.

It flows into the client experience. That’s why we invest heavily in market-leading technology, allowing you to plan and manage your bookings. Effortlessly.

We understand that to be the best, we must offer the best. And that means seamless tech integrations – every step of the way.

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The heart of your travel program

PULSE by Platinum allows travellers – and organisers alike – to spend less time managing trips across multiple systems. Leaving more time to focus on the work that matters.

Key features include:

  • Profile management
  • Online requests
  • Online bookings
  • Airline credits
  • Itinerary management
  • Traveller tracking
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Sustainability
  • Visa and entry requirements
  • A.I insights

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Supporting a Green Travel Policy

PULSE provides Platinum clients the ability to actively track and manage their carbon footprint. Clients can purchase carbon offsets directly from Pulse across a diverse portfolio of forestry, energy and blue carbon projects.

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Actionable insights for destination requirements

PULSE enables clients to easily and accurately identify the travel and entry requirements for over 220 countries.

With PULSE you can:

  • Check visa and vaccination mandates
  • Validate location-specific entry requirements
  • Improve efficiencies through automated checks

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Global traveller tracking and communication

PULSE Care is the ultimate duty-of-care tool that offers 24/7 alert monitoring, traveller identification and two-way communication through a simple and intuitive interface, that:

  • Informs organisers and travellers of the latest travel alert data
  • Quickly identifies your traveller’s whereabouts based on location or timeframe
  • Communicates with travellers via text or email directly from PULSE

Our commitment to tech – and to you

We believe your digital experience should match your interpersonal experience. It’s a philosophy that drives us to invest in market-leading technology – continuously.

That’s why we never rest on our laurels. We know that technology will continue to redefine what’s possible. That your needs will evolve. And that suppliers will always seek to deliver content in new ways.

Our role? To be ahead of the curve. As the market evolves, so do we.

So, you’ll never need to ask us what’s next – because we’ll already be taking you on that journey.

Dashboard analytics

Platinum’s dashboard analytics provide insights that help our clients manage cost and behaviour changes – accurately. All on one user-friendly platform.

The platform’s key features include adoption rates for online bookings, policy compliance, booking lead times and industry benchmarking with drill-down capabilities.

Technology partners

As the travel landscape shifts, so do our client’s needs.

We’re dedicated to delivering a frictionless technology experience to our clients. From online booking tools, virtual payment solutions and mid and back-office platforms, all the way through to global distribution systems.


This commitment has resulted in our technology partnerships continuing to expand. And we’re proud to have many long-standing partnerships with both established and emerging technology partners that allow us to bring you the best.

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